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Over the years, Jim Rohn has created a dramatic change in my life & mindset. He was one of the first people who helped me realize where I started did not have to dictate where I would end up in life. I never got the chance to personally meet Jim while he was alive but it was like I knew him through his books and videos.


I heard a story from Jim that I could personally relate to. As he was sitting in his apartment there was a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he found some young Girl Scouts who asked if he’d like to buy some cookies. There was one problem. Jim didn’t have $2 to buy any cookies. He lied to the girls and told them he already had lots of Girl Scout cookies and they went on their way. He said the only person who knew the lie was him and the good Lord. At the time he was a grown man with a wife and kids. It was then he said, “I can’t go on living like this anymore.” He would do whatever it took to acquire pockets full of cash so the next time he encountered Girl Scouts no matter how many there were he could buy all the cookies they had.

I relate to that story because there was a time in my life when me and my parents, we were in a similar situation.


After the fall of Soviet Union in December 1991, many peoples’ lives changed. People like my parents, not expecting anything like this can happen that fast, lost everything, literally overnight.

Next few years were very hard…not having electricity, water only two hours a day, stores empty and no available jobs to earn for a living… It was a fight to survive.Pictures of The Fall of the Soviet Union, 1991 (5) (1)

I remember my father selling popcorn on the streets to feed us. People were broke and desperate. Despite all the “negative” around, my parents always had a hope for a better future and did everything they possibly could for me and my brother.

One day my parents got a phone call from an old friend asking if they would like me to go to Switzerland continuing my violin studies with a well known professor. Sure they wanted that. The question was if they could afford it.

Decision was made. They sold what we still had, mothers’ jewellery and our car to buy for me a one-way plane ticket to Switzerland. I can imagine what a tough decision that was for my parents to make…sending their 19 years old son to live alone in a foreign country.


I remember the day I was leaving…happy and sad at the same time, not knowing when I could possibly see my family again. My mother told me “Remember, it doesn’t matter how far we are, the four of us, with your younger brother, me and your father, we always will be together.”

In the plane, staring from the window with tears in my eyes, I promised deep in my heart, I’ll do whatever it takes to bring us back together. That was my dream.


16 years past, having a wonderful job as a musician, my own family and a beautiful daughter, my parents’ dream, all they ever wanted, became the reality. But not mine. Even though technically I could visit my family, in the reality however, It wasn’t that easy.

I knew, to realize my dream, I needed to get back MY FREEDOM.


Jim Rohn was always preaching about taking self-responsibility for where you are in life. So instead of accepting where I was and giving up on my dream, I made a choice.

It was 7th of September 2013, not being able to sleep, thinking about my dream, I decided things have got to change for me. I promised myself I was going to follow people living the way I wanted.

abstract 3d illustration of internet business conceptual sign

I knew the only way to get my freedom back was on the internet. There was no other job that could allow me to live the life I was dreaming about all these years. So I was determined to start my online business. I was buying all kinds of courses and programs that gave me some broad ideas about home business but didn’t really help me to actually start one. Being a complete newbie and having no idea what I was doing, after spending about $3000, I still didn’t have my business up and running.

il151-ad8c4ec1-c675-4db8-ab59-3695b934678e-v2 (1)Just like Jim had his mentor Earl, I finally found a mentor too and I surrounded myself around successful people. It’s insane how quickly life can change when there is someone guiding you and giving you advice who really cares about you and not the money you’re paying them. I personally know someone on my team who went from over $100k in debt earning basically nothing to now earning over $800’844 in my current company the last 3 years. Information from people knowing what they’re doing is the fastest way to success.

I had friends telling me “Stop chasing your dreams, be realistic… you should be happy & grateful with what you currently have.” But what I had at the time wasn’t enough for me! I knew deep in my heart I was capable to create the life I wanted.

My dreams and family were worth fighting for and I knew I could do it with right people mentoring me.

You can’t change your destination overnight,1

As for now, I am on a mission to help others break free. Let me show you a better way if you’re open. I can’t promise anything except that I’ll give you the truth and my best.

If you struggling in your home based business and need a mentor, you can find out how you can build wealth with Vahagn Aris and get the training you need to succeed.