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Do you have an online Authority you are following? Wondering how he became one?

In this post I’ll speak about how to become an instant authority in whatever business/niche you are in.

As you know people are following leaders, people are following authorities and experts. The question is: “how to become that person people are looking for?”

Here is the fastest way for you to become an authority in your niche.


Start shooting videos.

I know many people hate to hear this but… let me tell you my story when I was just starting.

My first video I shot was about two years ago. My mentor was always telling me, “you have to start shooting videos”.

Frankly, I wasn’t comfortable going in front of the camera with my “broken” English (my 4th language btw). But because my desire to succeed was stronger than my fear to go in front of the camera, I finally decided to shoot my first video. It was on Facebook Dark Posts from the course I was going through. I literally wrote down the exact words from the lesson and when I was shooting the screenshare video I was reading the text in front of me.

Now, what this video did for me?

It’s about 2 years now and it’s still live on youtube. You can find it  searching  “What is facebook Dark Post and how to create it step by step”.

One of the first ones showing up on YouTube is my video, because of the number of views, likes and comments it has. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even optimized it. Had no idea about SEO and all that stuff at that time.

How to Become an Authority in ANY Niche...INSTANTLY!





YouTube is ranking it because of the value it is bringing.

Until now I get comments people asking questions about advertising on Facebook. Now, after 2 years, naturally I know much more, so I can give more advices, but at that time I was a complete newbie. I was learning myself and the video I did, was a module from the course in “my voice”

Here is the point, if you want to become an instant authority in any niche you are in, you have to start shooting your videos, period.

If you are in Internet Marketing, you can shoot a video on how you generate leads. There are so many people who can’t generate any lead. So now you can teach them.

Or if you are in Network Marketing shoot a video tip on how to speak with  prospects.

In whatever niche you are, shoot short 1-3 minutes videos and share what you learn while you learn it.

That’s it.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you already done a video? What experience you had? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

~ VahagnAris

How to Become an Authority in ANY Niche...INSTANTLY!






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