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Have you ever had a situation when you decided to change something in your life… something really important for you, and at some point you’d find yourself losing your motivation?

There is a reason why you did that and in this video/blog post I want to explain it and hopefully help you understand.

There are two types of motivation that motivates us to take action in our lives.

First one is “going toward” and the second one is “away from” motivation.

As they also call in NLP: “toward the pleasure” motivation and “away from the pain” motivation.

I would like to give you an example and explain both motivation types. 

So in this case let’s take “money” as an example and let’s answer the question: “Why do I want to make a lot of money?

If the answer is:  “I want to make a lot of money to help as many people as I can.

This is a “going toward” type of motivation, because when I think about my goal – helping people around me, it fires me up and I’m really enthusiastic and I feel really good when I think I can help people around me.

Another one is, for example on my team our motivation, our motto is to “help hundred families a year to get back their freedom!

This is again “going toward” motivation, because we feel really awesome about helping people to reach out their goals.

Ok, now let’s see an example of “away from” motivation. Again let’s take “money” for this example.

If the answer to the question “Why you want to make a lot of money?” is “I want to make a lot of money to be able to quit my job”, what I understand here is that you have a job that you don’t like and you want to quit. That’s the reason you want to make money.

This is “away from” type of motivation.

Another example is, when someone is dead broke, at the bottom and he decides to take his life in his hands. This again is an “away from” type motivation which can be very very powerful.

Now, why do you want to have “going towards” motivation versus “away from” motivation?

Let me explain.

When you are going away from something, if your motivation to take action is to get away from something you don’t want,  whenever you don’t get the results you expect to get…and let me tell you, you are going to have many setbacks and  roadblocks on your way to success…whenever you encounter these problems, these roadblocks, you, unconsciously, are going to focus on the thing you don’t want or want to avoid. Which is going to make you feel bad and eventually going to make you lose your motivation to take action.

However, if you are toward motivated, when you’re going toward to reach out to your goal, the times when you encounter these setbacks… thinking about your goal, about what you want to achieve… you’ll feel good about it and it will fire you up and pull you toward.

Now, if you have problems motivating yourself to take action, what I suggest you doing is to write 10 answers, 10 possible reasons…  “Why do I want……?” This way you’ll find out whether you are “toward” motivated or “away” motivated.

I hope this was helpful to you and if you’d like to have more on personal development, I have a Proven Self-Mastery Resource Guide where I did put together all my resources for you to download for FREE here.

One more thing… 

Never give up! There is a way to get what you want in your life. You just need to know how.

Comment below, what type of motivation you’re having more… “Going Toward” or “Away From“?

If you got value, please share it if you think it can help others.

~ Vahagn Aris







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